Hey, guys.  Sorry if it's been several days since one of us posted.  We went on a little adventure!  Heath loves to play disc golf (which I'll get into in a minute) and has tried to teach me how to play numerous times, but I just can't seem to get the hang of it.  I do like trying to play, though, and I think all that matters is that we have fun doing it.  

Anyway, I'm originally from Fort Payne, which is a very small town in northeast Alabama.  I haven't been home to visit family in awhile so we decided to take a road trip down for a few days and see everyone.  Heath has been to Fort Payne numerous times with me and always seems to get a little restless because there's not a whole lot to do but sit and chat with people.  He did a little research and found out that Cloudland Canyon State Park was less than an hour away in the northwest corner of Georgia.

Hey, guys...it's Heath today.  Kelly went to visit a friend for the day and I'm stuck in the house waiting on the carpet cleaners to get here.  After years of tracking in dirt from the outdoors, we decided to invest some money into getting the floors cleaned.  I'm sure the clean floors won't last for long, but at least they'll make Kelly happy for a couple of days.  :)

Back to the blog on hand...I want to talk a little bit about some survival tips everyone should know in case you veer off trail and get lost out in the woods.  You're probably thinking that would never happen to you, but it can happen to even the most experienced hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  It's better to be safe than sorry, isn't it?

One of my favorite things to do while I'm outdoors is to check out all of the different vegetation and growth.  I usually walk a lot slower than the group I'm with because I am so fascinated by plants.  I mean, have you ever really stopped and looked at all the different leaf shapes?  I love hiking during the fall because that is when I have seen some of the most beautiful and colorful vegetation this wonderful planet has to offer.  

I was a Girl Scout as a child so I thankfully learned about all of the different types of plants and flowers to avoid...including the dreaded poison ivy.  I've posted a picture up top of this plant because I often forget that not everyone knows how to identify this particular species of plant.  It is characterized by its three leaves that emit an oil that many people are allergic to, causing a horrible itchy rash.  It grows on the ground as well as on rocks and trees.  When most people come into contact with poison ivy they don't realize it until it's too late, and have usually spread the oil all over their body. 

Throughout the course of your life, I'm sure you've heard an inspirational quote or two about how important it is to be prepared for any task you are trying to conquer.  Going on an outdoor expedition is probably one of the times that careful preparation is most important.  I mean, think about it...if you go out in the woods without the proper gear or enough water and food, you'll not only be miserable but you might find yourself starving or dehydrated.  What if something goes wrong, you get lost, and are out in the woods for hours or days longer than you expected?  We aren't trying to scare anyone from wanting to go explore the outdoors, but we are trying to stress how important it is to plan and prepare until you're blue in the face.  Once you do it several times, you'll be a pro and it won't seem as overwhelming to you.  

There are many different variables that come into play when you are preparing for an outdoor excursion so you want to answer these questions before you do anything else: 
  • How long will you be outdoors?
  • What is the weather supposed to be like?
  • What is the terrain you will be traveling like?
  • Will you just be hiking, or will there be other activities involved like rock climbing?
  • What wild animals are native to the area you will be exploring?

We just wanted to welcome you to our site.  We'll start posting blogs as soon as possible, and will hopefully inspire some people to get outdoors and explore!  We hope everyone has a wonderful evening!  -Kelly & Heath



    Our names are Kelly and Heath.  We would rather be outside exploring, but we also want to share our experiences in nature with others!


    July 2016