Best Places to Camp in the U.S.

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Camping is an activity that many Americans enjoy participating in across the country and throughout every season of the year.  There are many different forms of camping, such as: tent camping, RV camping, campground camping, backcountry camping, and many other various forms of this favorite pastime.  Campers also enjoy camping during different seasons and in a variety of environments.  Most campers do have one thing in common, though, and that is their desire to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor elements on a more personal level than can usually be found in most people’s everyday routine.

Camping allows people the opportunity to stay in locations that may be unreachable otherwise.  Many people find that camping is an affordable way to travel and visit a variety of places across the country.  Whether a camper likes coastal settings, mountainous settings, deserts, valleys, or somewhere in between, chances are very good that a campsite can be found nearby.  Campers also have access to urban-area camping or campsites that are far-off the mainstream grid.

Below you will find a list of five popular camping areas that many Americans find favorable for a good camping experience.  If you have an interest in camping, perhaps one of these top destinations will spark your interest, or at least give you some ideas about geographic areas you may want to consider.  Happy Camping!

Glacier National Park:  There are several campgrounds in this park, but the largest of them all is called Apgar Campground.  It is located close to Apgar Village where guests will find a visitor center, a restaurant, and a gift shop.  RV and tent camping are offered in this campground, as well as horseback riding, boat rentals, a variety of organized tours, and outstanding views of the surrounding areas.

Jellystone Park Camp Resort at Larkspur:  This campground is centrally located between Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Many families are attracted to this park because there is a Yogi-Bear theme that runs throughout the park.  Guests may even spot the beloved character meandering through various campsites.  Campers here can pitch a tent, bring their own RV, or rent one of the many park offerings, such as a cottage, tepee, or yurt. 

Blue Bell Campground:  Located near Custer State Park in South Dakota, this is a wonderful area to explore wildlife in their natural habitats.  Buffalo, elk, bears, and other animals can be seen by campers who camp here in tents or rent one of the park’s cabins.  Fishing and horseback riding are popular activities around this campground.

Assateague Island National Seashore Campground:  If you’re looking for some unforgettable coastal camping, then head to this campground located on a barrier island off the coasts of Maryland and Virginia.  Wild horses still roam the island, which you can enjoy from your RV or tent campsite.  Swimming, fishing, surfing, and collecting unique seashells are popular activities at this location.

The Campsites at Fort Wilderness Family Campground:  A truly unique experience, this campground is located within Florida’s Disney World property.  Guests can enjoy tent camping, RV camping, or rent one of the campground’s plush cabins.  This campground offers a petting farm, a swimming pool, and of course, very close proximity to the famed Disney World Parks.  Staying here is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.   

What are some of your favorite places to camp?  We’d love to hear from you!

Cindy & Heath